Esaan food has developed a multitude of outstanding dishes that have becomes throughout the world. Thai Papaya Salad also known as "Som Tum" originates from Esaan and is now one of the most sought after Thai dishes around. Meat salads like Larb and Nam Tók are hugely popular as well. Grill meats are marinated before being char-broiled to maximize sensation flavor. Fish are often coated with a thick layer of salt before being grilled in order to retain natural moisture and add flavor. Most Esaan dishes served with sticky rice and are characterized by fiery chilies, strong fish sauces, sour bites, and flavorful saucy mixtures.




Esaan is the Northeast of Thailand ( pronounced ee-sarn ) as it's usually known stretches from the wild Mekong River and is home to Thailand's best national parks and most ancient temple and it has a culture and food all its own. Family gathering are huge part of the Esaan culture and food is always present. Sticky rice is the staple and an abundant form of energy in Esaan.

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